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"Hi, I'm Mira. I'm passionate about empathetically solving real-time challenges through products that make a difference."

"I currently work as a Product Designer, also polishing my skills in digital marketing. (Aiming at being wholesome ;)

I'm dedicated to empowering teams to innovate through collaborative solutions.
My passion lies in creating products that bring joy to users and foster team growth.

Outside of work, you'll find me reading, networking and identifying new scope to work upon that brings a change.




Took charge of Threex marketing channels from the ground up , establishing robust digital marketing strategies andbrand foundations.

End-to-End Ownership:
Guided the marketing vision from conceptualization to fruition, ensuring alignment with brand objectives and market demands related to current market status to outreach the scope of growth to spike up brand

Optimal Outreach:
Supervised and curated marketing channels to maintain brand consistency and maximize outreach to target audiences with an increase in 45% sales in the second round of sales.

Elevated Brand Awareness:
Spearheaded the establishment of digital marketing frameworks that significantly augmented brand visibility and recognition.

User-Centric Approach:
Leveraged quantitative research methodologies to understand user behavior and preferences,informing the creation of captivating social media content and the execution of impactful marketing campaigns with an upward growth of 20% outreach to our target audience.

Continuous Improvement:
Implementing rigorous usability tests and iteratively enhanced product usability, laying the groundwork for a seamless product launch to a global scale(on-going) with a target of 30% upscale in total revenue

UX Research, Product  Design, Digital Marketing.

● Optimized Efficiency:
Drove a 13% improvement in handling the innovators section by spearheading process initiation and implementation projects, conducting root cause analyses, and executing recommended solutions for more innovators to join the platform alongside the rest of the team using best practices, majorly worked on Figma as our go to tool.

● Reduced Resolution Time:
Slashed resolution time for new onboardings by 10% through proactive review of user behavior, tracking user journey and rollout of streamlined processes.

● Improved Operational Efficiency:
Enhanced the daily tasks efficiency of innovator’s onboarding and profile setting with the team by 17% during a 10 days oversight period through strategic guidance and process refinement.


UX Research, SAAS Product design & Development.

Enhanced User Experience:
Significantly improved the e-commerce platform's UI/UX, fostering better
engagement and higher conversion rates up to 45%

Mentored team members and developed processes for effective design practice in two weeks through strategic planning and training, provided training for figma nad understanding the best practices befitting the company in terms of UI/UX as well as strategic planinng.

Brand Consistency:
Ensured consistent brand representation across various digital touchpoints, strengthening the brand identity with an outreach of 40 creatives a week on all platforms, leading an increase in 300% impression rate.

● Effectively collaborated:
With influenced project partners like Faces Canada and the product organization made up of other designers, content strategists, product managers, engineers, marketers, data scientists, and researchers to plan a marketing strategy and through user research and testing, leading to an increase in ease to land on the website through advancements and developments.Majorly focused on iOS design and mobile first web app.

● Collaborative Marketing:
Worked closely with the marketing team, creating designs that aligned seamlessly
with the current feedback and with marketing strategies, effectively boosting brand storytelling and visibility up to 38%

● Contributions to Growth:
Instrumental in the company's growth trajectory, potentially boosting user engagement and sales, critical factors in achieving unicorn status with an overall growth of total revenue rising up to 63.5% to INR 227.4 Cr in FY22 from INR 139 Cr in FY21

UI Designer/ Digital Marketing.

Built educational contents for agencies like The Minimalist Freelance Designing (2018-2020)

Increased sales by 20% through planning social media partnerships and promotions in the corporate service industry.

Mahindra Logistics
Designed brand books and social media content for or MAD and Roshni Foundation to increase their number of volunteers ‘-DO GOOD’ by 60%.


Tel. 6478290749


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