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Lead Product Designer, crafting solutions for an efficient user journey for over 6 years.

To me, design embodies problem-solving, effective communication of objectives, and aiding individuals. I firmly believe that with well-defined goals, robust design, strategic planning, and the assembly of a skilled team, any imaginable outcome becomes achievable.


Experience the future of hassle-free parking with our intuitive app, designed to simplify and enhance your parking journey. Discover how we're revolutionizing the way you park for a seamless and wholesome experience.



A groundbreaking project dedicated to addressing homelessness in Canada, seamlessly connecting vital resources for food, employment, and education. Explore how technology is revolutionizing support networks for those in need.

Helping Others With Material Essentials

Designed to help individuals quit smoking by implementing a rewarding scheme. Discover how this unique approach revolutionizes the journey to a smoke-free life.


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